Solar PV

Photo Voltaic systems or solar as its more commonly known, transforms the solar radiation from our sun to direct current by using semiconductors that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. South Africa has some of the best solar radiation conditions on the planet and off grid living is becoming a more attractive from both an environmental side as well as the interrupted supply from Eskom continues and their rates increase.

At Shamwari we cater for all sectors knowing the importance of electricity to both the business and home environment. All our systems are designed by accredited designers and equipment from class A factories all with technical and service support in South Africa. All our staff have attended training with a European based renewable energy company with offices here in sunny South Africa.

From residential roof top to large scale projects, Shamwari has the expertise and technology to make the sun power your life.

Shamwari is a group of companies that specialize in petroleum services and maintenance, alternate energy suppliers and flooring solutions.